Safety Checks

Electrical safety checks are mainly to prevent electrical fires – we are here to ensure your safety. IET recommend that all electrical installations are checked for safety every 5-10 years, with more regular checks required in specific premises.

(Image of an electrical engineer testing a mounted electric switch on a PCB)

We all must have our cars tested for safety on an annual basis but we never seem to test the safety of where we sleep. Unfortunately, lack of attention each year, along with alterations done by incompetent persons, is the cause of a large percentage of electrical fires each year. Your safety is our priority and we endeavour to deliver complete satisfaction at all times.

The Range Of Tests We Offer Includes:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) (for mortgage applications, etc)
  • Periodic test for public buildings, factories, churches, schools, offices, shops etc
  • Emergency lighting test
  • Fire alarm tests
  • Portable appliance testing